How to become an Authorized Vendor

Calibra is a new, revolutionary probiotic ferment based skin care system that is exclusively distributed thru MD offices, medical spas and other health care providers.

If your facility is committed to offering your patients and customers the best and most innovative products and treatments in a highly professional atmosphere, then the Calibra Probiotic Ferment Technology products may be right for you.

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Take advantage of our friendly and responsive customer service. If you need help on site, one of our Calibra representatives is more than glad to assist.

Enroll to become an Authorized Calibra Vendor. 

The enrollment procedure is fast, easy and absolutly free. Your Calibra account will streamline your ordering and return process. It will keep you current with pricing, product regiments and promotions, as well as, give you access to free Calibra branded trays and brochures for optimal POS presentation.
Get enrolled in 4 simple steps:
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